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We can also supply or provide support for using Coding system online on any of our Sticker Labelling Machine with speed upto 600 Prints per minute. We can offer Contact type as well as non Contact type coding system for using on various type of label surface. Contact type system uses different type of Rubber Stereos, Metal Characters, Inks and Film Roll or Foil Roll. Selection of coding system is very important as each and every coding system has its own advantage or disadvantage for the Speed, suitability to print on various surface, print area and consumable cost/running cost. We strongly recommend to provide us actual printed samples to select the best system for use on labelling machine. You can find below few details of various type of coding systems offered by us or available in the market, final selection of coding is totally depending on after evaluation of actual samples. We also suggest to check the Speed, Print Area, Label Surface to select the best suited coding system for your application.

Non-Contact coder - TIJ - Thermal Inkjet Printer :

We can offer

Thermal Inkjet coding machine

which use Hewlett Packard (HP) Ink Cartridge or Similar concept of Ink Cartridge suitable to print on Matt or porous Surface. Printer used for printing on Plain Paper Labels having Matt or porous Surface or customer require to keep Print Area on Labels with any Coating/Varnish/UV or Lamination. Printer does not print on Glossy or other non-porus surface. Customer also require to keep print area without any Colour as printer cannot print on surface with colour background. Besides the Lamination of Printing surface this coder has many advantage and become very popular particularly in Pharmaceutical industries where print area is very small and quality printing is required. Due to 12.5 mm print head height for standard printer it can print on Labels having maximum print height of 12mm x 50 mm or more length depending on Label Size. Optional Twin Head also available to print upto 24mm height on labels. Printer can print various message as well as 2D code or Barcode on Labels. Customer can also prepare or design their Logo to print using coding system. Printer available with Software which will help to design message as per requirement using computer system and same can be transfer to Memory card of printer from computer to coding system. We can offer various brands of Thermal Inkjet coding system. Due to Water base ink it require its own time for drying, for using on high speed line it more advisable to have more porus/matt surface to absorb the ink faster. Printer also suitable for printing Vertical / Tower Printing within height of 12.5mm. This printer got the flexibility, quality and speed except the lamination to print on Matt or porous surface only.

Due to advance technology and market requirement, now Thermal Inkjet Printer is also available with MEK based ink suitable to print on Glossy or Non-porous surface, however we require actual Label / Carton sample to check suitability and speed of coding system. Both type of Printer available for Fix Code Printing as well as Variable code printing.

Coding System

Non-Contact coder - CIJ continuous Inkjet Printer :

We can offer Industrial Inkjet Printer known as continuous Inkjet Printer or CIJ printer which can be suitable to print on Various Label Surface. We have option of various brands locally available such as Domino, Imaje, Videojet, Hitachi and many more. Technology and Cost of Inkjet printer and consumable is varying from brand to brand and selection of same is also important other then technical suitability. Most of Inkjet coder offers Printing of 4 Lines only, however few model/brands also offeres 5 line or upto 8 line coding. This type of inkjet printer is suitable for printing on moving objects only such as Labels in Roll form and the Speed of Printer is totally depending on Available Printing Width, Size of Message including number of lines and character per lines. Single line message can reach upto 300 prints per minute on labelling machine, more lines per message reduce the speed of Inkjet Coding. Inkjet Printer is only suitable for printing Lengthwise message and it can not print Vertical message (Tower printing), however few brands/model can print Vertical/Tower printing with too many limitations compare to normal horizontal coding. Inkjet printer does not have any limitation of Printing on Various surface and it can print on almost all type of Label surface having varnish, Coating, Lamination as well as Film Labels. It is also suitable to print directly on Container such as Tin or Plastic/PET Bottles, Caps etc. This printer is most versatile printer in terms of Printing Surface and Speed. However due to Dot Matrix type of printing not suitable to use for Printing Barcode / 2D Matrix code which require to scan/detect using various scanners or vision system.

Sticker Labelling

Contact coder using Rubber Stereo :

We can offer Contact coding system which can be suitable to print on any Label Surface with Maximum speed of 100 to 120 Labels per minute depending on Length of Labels. The coding system is very versatile and very easy to use on any labels. It can print on any labels with UV Coating, Varnish, Film or Lamination without smudging. Printer use Rubber Stereo having maximum print area of 20x20 mm. Consumer require to buy Ink and Solvent as a consumables as well as need to provide Rubber Stereo as per coding requirement.The number of lines of printing is depending on size of character, if you select bigger character it can print 3 – 4 lines and if you select smaller character then you can print 4 to 8 lines on labels. Due to pneumatic operation you have to provide Compressed Filtered Air for the coding system. Refer attached photographs for your ready reference. The quality of printing is excellent and we suggest to go for this coding system if your line speed is between 100 -120 per minute and print area within 20x22mm only.

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Contact coder - Thermal Transfer Coder :

We can offer Thermal Transfer Coder which can be suitable to print on Various Label Surface. We have option of Low Speed Coder having Maximum Print Area of 30 x 30 mm and High Speed Coder having Maximum Print area of 50 x 70mm, Low Speed coder can give maximum speed of 100 Labels per minute and High Speed coder can give maximum speed of 250 Labels per minute for the smallest print area. The Hot Foil Coder is very speed sensitive and the speed of coder is directly connected with Print Width, Lower print area give higher speed and higher print area can give lower speed. Secondly, coder use Normal Ribbon as well as Resin base Ribbon and in some case it is possible to remove or smudge the coding which is printed by using Normal Ribbon and to avoid this type of issue user may require to go for Resin base Ribbon which also further reduce the overall speed of coding. The speed of coder for Resin base Ribbon is again lower compare to Normal Ribbon for Same printing area. Thermal Transfer coder require Ribbon Roll as a consumable and also required Compressed Air. The Print Quality of Thermal Coder is Best among all Contact as well as Inkjet Coder and it can give you best quality coding option for your Labels.

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Contact coder - Hot Foil Coder :

We can offer Hot Foil Coder which can be suitable to print on Various Label Surface. We have option of Local make Hot Foil Coder which can give speed upto 200 Prints per minute and also Imported Hot Foil Coder which can give speed of 300, 400 or 600 Prints per minute depending on Model. Please note that Hot Foil Coder uses Metal Character as well as Foil Roll for printing on Labels and selection of Foil Roll is depending on surface of Labels. It can be also suitable to print on Laminated or Film Labels with suitable Film Roll. Hot Foil Coder always use Metal Character hence the print area is totally depending on make of Hot Foil Coder as well as Size of Metal Character. Due to Metal Character the space between lines and space between character is always fixed according to the style and design of Coding System / Character supplier hence it is very important to study the Hot Foil Coder to match the requirement of coding on labels. Some time coder may suit your requirement in terms of printing Surface and Speed but may not match the available area on label for coding. Hot Foil coder in general use more space per character and per line. Hot Foil Coder is more suitable where the Print Area is bigger but the size of message to be print is smaller or with less character and less lines but for high speed printing. You can go for Local make or Imported Hot Foil coder depending on various aspect mentioned above as well as speed.

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Note: Detail and Photographs of various coding system mentioned above are Registered Trademark of respective owners. Purpose of Technical detail and Photographs mentioned above is to give general idea of various coding system to customer and it may vary or change time to time depending on different Brands or due to continues up-gradation by respective owners.

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