wet glue labelling machine

There are different types of

wet glue labelling machine

are available like automatic , semi automatic, single side flat bottle and high speed wet glue labelling machine. The automatic version of the labelling machine is quite better than semi automatic with complete automization of labelling that is most important for drugs and chemicals manufacturing companies to avoid human contamination and keep the drugs germ free for long. Product at different stages are placed and verified manually in semi automatic version of the machines. Glutinous labelling machines are also suitable to stick labels on delicate products also.

Wet Glue Labelling Machine also has Completely Stainless Steel Finish, No Bottle No Label system, No Label No Gluing system and No Label No Coding System. Optionally A.C. Variable Speed Control, Pulse Counter, Safety Guard also available. Different Models comes in various version for Vials or Bottles with suitability to most of requirement in Pharmaceutical and allied industries to match individual requirement of customer with their specification and speed.
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