Sticker labelling machine
Labels are very important feature when it comes to packing. Sticking labels is used to maintain the product identity, add product information and for protection as well.

Sticker labelling machine

works by pasting labels automatically over the products and the whole process takes place within relatively short time. Applying glutinous labels for sticker labelling machine will stay an economic option. Comparing to traditional labelling methods, the inception of automatic labelling equipment have made great change in secondary packaging process. Earlier labelling activities were mostly carried over with manual support and expenses for labelling were relatively higher.

The most versatile, elegantly designed linear labelling machine to meet the needs of major users of modern packaging lines, requiring high efficiency with speed, accuracy and durability. Easy to use adjustments, requiring a minimum tools or change of parts . Machine can be designed and supply with Robotised Twin Moving Pocket System or Twin Feed Worm System ensuring perfect alignment of bottles on conveyor for precise labelling application. Selection of Product Staibilizing system is depending on Product Shape, Size and required speed. Machine is fully synchronised with all operations including Product Conveyor, Feed Worm, Infeed-Exit Star Wheel and Label Dispensing for optimum labelling accuracy, it also helps to change the labelling speed online with the help of Single Speed Pot provided on control panel.
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